One Year of PMDStyles and Counting

We’re well into June now and for those of you who might not remember that far back, this month marks PMDStyles’s 1 year anniversary. Yes that’s right, PMDStyles was launched in May 2007. This month, we’re celebrating our 1st birthday! Seems like only yesterday that we started to offer services for phpMyDirectory, but to be sure it’s been a good 12 months. To mark the occasion and say thank you to the community for its unyielding support, we’re giving away major discounts on our templates!

PMDStyles launched some nice templates & modules in last year.

  1. Simplex
  2. Pathfinder
  3. Elements
  4. Target
  5. Techno
  6. Robust
  7. LinkAdsUK
  8. Edge
  9. Neon
  10. Nova
  11. Frescos
  12. Viva

and still counting.

Now Some Stats!

  • We’ve 12 regular templates and 4 modules in our collection.
  • We’ve 1700+ download hits for our free products till date, Not to mention 1100+ hits from free templates only.
  • We’ve had 500+ satisfied customers over the last year.
  • We’ve had 30+ custom projects launched.

And of those visitors:

  • 49% have been using Firefox, 35% Internet Explorer, 5% Safari. even 6 have been using Lynx.
  • 70% have been on Windows, 27% mac, 3% Linux. Well there were even 27 people who visited from their Nintendo Wii’s!
  • And of course the visitors came from all over the world, in varying numbers.

Now from all of us here at PMDStyles, we hope this last year was good for you and we are very sure the next year is going to be even better! We hope that the newly added tutorial section has helped some of you.

Thanks to all the visitors, clients who’ve appreciated our work, volunteered for feedbacks and testimonials, linked and bookmarked the site.

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