How to update PMDStyles templates

Please note: It’s recommended that you make a backup of your database and your current template(s) prior to updating, in case something goes wrong.

Here is a colorful infographics guide to show you when and how do you update template developed by PMDStyles.

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Halloween Offer

Halloween Offer: 20% discount!

Halloween is just around the corner, and it is a great reason to customize your website design. So we are offering a special discount on all phpMyDirectory templates as well as template updates!

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Template Updates are available for phpMyDirectory Pro v1.3.1

We just updated our templates for latest phpMyDirectory Pro v1.3.1. phpMyDirectory Pro v1.3.1 contains several new features and it improves stability. You can get more information about this release from here.

If you upgraded your phpMyDirectory to latest version then you might experience few glitches in your template. For example error/success messages will not work properly, newly added password strength meter will be absent. Also there are many other small fixes included in this version. So template updates are recommended for v1.3.1 upgrade.

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Changes are in the air!

Hello members,

It’s been a while since we posted any update in our news section for what is going on behind the curtains. Last year, we have been very busy with some of other projects and luckily everything went as we planned except on PMDStyles. Unfortunately we were not able to pay much attention on PMDStyles and that is why we did not release any new template. Even from last few months, we were not able to update our templates on time, due to several issues with template system which I am going to explain soon enough. I also want to make a few announcements about some major changes going on on PMDStyles website.

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One Year of PMDStyles and Counting

We’re well into June now and for those of you who might not remember that far back, this month marks PMDStyles’s 1 year anniversary. Yes that’s right, PMDStyles was launched in May 2007. This month, we’re celebrating our 1st birthday! Seems like only yesterday that we started to offer services for phpMyDirectory, but to be sure it’s been a good 12 months. To mark the occasion and say thank you to the community for its unyielding support, we’re giving away major discounts on our templates!

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