Changes are in the air!

Hello members,

It’s been a while since we posted any update in our news section for what is going on behind the curtains. Last year, we have been very busy with some of other projects and luckily everything went as we planned except on PMDStyles. Unfortunately we were not able to pay much attention on PMDStyles and that is why we did not release any new template. Even from last few months, we were not able to update our templates on time, due to several issues with template system which I am going to explain soon enough. I also want to make a few announcements about some major changes going on on PMDStyles website.

First off, we just finished upgrading some of our templates with the new framework we have been. The new template framework is very efficient and robust. It is very user friendly, easily customizable, flexible and we eliminated all the issues we encountered with old template system. We are also hoping that it will survive from any future phpMyDirectory upgrades and modifications. Our goals to make it even more simple, clear and straightforward.

You might ask, why sudden need of a new framework for existing templates, can’t you just add new template files and CSS?

Sure, we can. We could have added new template files in our templates but from last few upgrades we have been facing many issues with existing template system. We have been receiving dozens of support queries for CSS problems, JavaScript bugs and phpMyDirectory compatibility. However, we tried our best to resolve the ongoing issues but still, if we continue using same old template system then we might encounter much larger problems in future phpMyDirectory updates. That is why we feel urgent need of template framework that can work for future phpMyDirectory updates but also offer maximum compatibility for any 3rd party product or modification. Apart from that, the new template system is table less, well commented markup and CSS. Template system is SEO sementic and also compliance with latest W3C standards.

Right now two of our templates has already been developed using new framework and ready for download. In upcoming weeks, we will be upgrading all other templates.

Secondly, we are changing our template management system from single purchase shopping cart to product membership to our download section. In past, our customers had to buy a template and then we handled template updates manually but it was not a quite efficient method and requires a lot of manual work. With new membership system, now clients can purchase a membership to any specific product and he/she will be given full access to download area for a billing cycle that can be renewed on expiration. It’s much similar to the system used by many other theme developer clubs. Existing users will be transferred to new system by the end of this week and they will be sent new username password via email.

New users can purchase any template and they will be given instant access to our download section for a period of 90 days. Upon expiration users can renew their membership for another 90 days and can receive uninterrupted template updates for another billing cycle. Just like phpMyDirectory download section.

Since there was a delay in template upgrades, users who made their purchase in last 3 months will be given free access to PMDStyles download section. Other users, who purchased templates in February 2010 or before, can get access to download section for renewal price.

One more announcement I would like to make before I finish up, that now we are offering affiliate partnership program. You can signup for our affiliate program from member’s section itself and earn some passive income. Our program is free to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. It’s easy to make money with the PMDStyles partnership program, especially if you are the networking / social type!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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