How to update PMDStyles templates

Please note: It’s recommended that you make a backup of your database and your current template(s) prior to updating, in case something goes wrong.

Here is a colorful infographics guide to show you when and how do you update template developed by PMDStyles.


phpMyDirectory Template Update


Although it’s pretty straightforward infographics guide but we will explain all the major steps involved updating phpMyDirectory template.

First thing first. Do not rush for updating phpMyDirectory if a new version is released. To update your website you will require updating phpMyDirectory software as well as phpMyDirectory template.

Since you are using PMDStyles template then before updating phpMyDirectory software, it’s important that you should check and make sure if updated version of your template is available for download in your client area. We typically require 2-3 business days to update our templates. So updated templates should be available within that time frame. But if they are not, then you should wait a couple of days for updated templates before you update phpMyDirectory website.

If you have downloaded updated template then proceed with this guide.

  • Step 1: Backup, backup, backup. Make sure you have a good backup of your database, template(s) and default.php. Because in any case, you will require these three to revert back changes.

  • Step 2: Put website in maintenance mode from admin cp and update your phpMyDirectory software.

  • Step 3: Once you have successfully updated phpMyDirectory, test if website working fine and not showing any error.

  • Step 4: Now you need to make sure that if you made any changes on your old template files.

    • Step 4 A: If you did not modify template files, then you can skip next step (Step 4 B).

    • Step 4 B: If you did modify template files, then you will have to make all changes on new template files again.

  • Step 5: Upload new updated template files on your server.

That’s it. You just have updated your website and template.

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