Template Updates are available for phpMyDirectory Pro v1.3.1

We just updated our templates for latest phpMyDirectory Pro v1.3.1. phpMyDirectory Pro v1.3.1 contains several new features and it improves stability. You can get more information about this release from here.

If you upgraded your phpMyDirectory to latest version then you might experience few glitches in your template. For example error/success messages will not work properly, newly added password strength meter will be absent. Also there are many other small fixes included in this version. So template updates are recommended for v1.3.1 upgrade.

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Download section is back online again!

Finally online again!

It’s been a while and been very hectic, but we’ve finally got our download section back online. Our download section was offline for more than a week. It crashed due to buggy interface and content management system. Now, with a fresh new and well proved system, PMDStyles download section is now running properly. During this time, we continued working on the application engine improving sql risk engine.

Sorry for the service interruption! We had to reconstruct some parts of it, so thanks for your patience.